Living the #PAXlife with Lorenzo Botero

June 21, 2015
Living the #PAXlife is about adventure, trying new things and sharing experiences with your fellow PAX-owners. PAX 2 was designed to be discreet, reliable and portable for living life on-the-go.

Over the past few months, Lorenzo Botero has been shooting for PAX as he travels throughout the Miami area doing everything from exploring new beaches, going on helicopter rides and introducing new users to the #PAXlife.

"I always carry my red PAX 2 on me wherever I go

As a photographer and artist, Lorenzo is constantly traveling around looking for new things to shoot. When he's not taking photos of PAX, he focuses his lens on fashion, cars, and landscapes. His eye-catching, luxury lifestyle is captured on his website here, and on his Instagram account, InstaExotics.

"Since the PAX, I haven’t looked back

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