Technology’s impact on the psychology (and stigma) behind luxury by James Monsees

October 07, 2014
In his latest article featured on Medium, Ploom co-founder and CEO James Monsees discusses technology’s impact on the psychology (and stigma) behind luxury:
"Technology evolves so quickly that we purchase these items not because we consider them a luxury, but because we don’t want to be left behind. The future of luxury lies in creating individualized experiences.

Take vinyl records, for example. They became obsolete because they were viewed as clunky, space-consuming, and impractical. More compact devices replaced vinyl, with digital media eventually replacing those. But now, our desire for a unique and individualized experience has turned listening to vinyl into a beautiful experience once again.

Individualization is an emerging and powerful tool to bring accessible luxury into all of our lives..."
Read the full article here.

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