PAX Artist Series

November 26, 2017

Introducing the PAX Artist Series.

We've partnered with San Francisco-based artists Jayde Fish, Casey Gray, and APEXER to bring you eye catching, limited edition laser-engraved PAX 3 and PAX Era devices.

The creative influence of these artists is apparent both locally and abroad, and now they've been challenged with showcasing their unique styles on a new medium.  

Jayde Fish

 Photo Credit: Marc Olivier LeBlanc

Jayde Fish is a designer and illustrator who takes inspiration from fashion, textiles, and nature. Jayde's drawings were recently featured on clothing for GUCCI's SS 2017 runway show, after the celebrated creative director Alessandro Michele discovered her work on Instagram. Her work can also be found throughout Facebook in the form of animated characters, and in editorials including Elle, Vogue, and Vanity Fair.


Jayde’s PAX design, entitled Scrimshaw, was inspired by the legendary whalebones and slabs of ivory that sailors would carve into stories of the sea and send home to their loved ones. Jayde’s intense attention to detail and intricate line work make Scrimshaw naturally suitable for a PAX Artist Series design.

Jayde's design is loosely based on her most recent piece, Shelter From the Storm.

Casey Gray


Casey Gray is a contemporary artist working primarily in painting and occasionally in printmaking, illustration, and site-specific murals. His work explores our relationship to common objects and symbols, their ability to hold meaning, tell stories, and create identity. 

Through a filter informed by historical painting and past experience, he composes disparate subject matter into visually complex still life arrangements. His work is characterized by his commitment to aerosol paints and laborious, hand-cut masking techniques, resulting in a type of skewed hyper-realism. 

Still Life of Flowers

Casey’s PAX design, entitled Still Life of Flowers, was inspired by the elaborate still life paintings of flowers during the Dutch Golden Age and Flemish Baroque periods in art history.

He describes that “the floral design is essentially a dumbed down version of my psychedelic floral still life paintings, reduced to its most basic graphic elements and shapes. They are probably the most abstract and loose pieces I make today, and offer a lot of freedom and spontaneity in comparison to my other work. A lot of my work uses historical frameworks such as this as a jumping off point to explore the nature of life today.” 

Casey references his previous piece, Still Life with Flower No.35, among others as inspiration for his design.


APEXER, also known as Ricardo Richey, is a street artist who creates colorful abstract patterns through the use of spray paint.

As a part of the Gestalt Collective that engages in collaborative murals in San Francisco, APEXER curated mural projects on Bluxome Alley, other districts of San Francisco, and the SFMOMA display windows. His work has been shown extensively both in the Bay Area and abroad.

Using juxtapositions of color and geometry, APEXER’s diamond-shaped design engages the viewer with a delightful one point perspective, meant to draw their gaze and inspire organizational creativity.

While the inspiration is apparent in many of his pieces, APEXER's cites 18th DNA as a reference for his design.


These limited edition engravings are available for our Matte Black PAX 3 kit ($219.99), Matte Black PAX 3 Complete Kit ($269.99), and PAX Era device ($39.99) on our US website. PAX Era can be shipped to California, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington at this time.



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