PAX Mobile: Version 2.0

November 15, 2017

Every core function in PAX 3 and PAX Era can be controlled by the device alone, but we've created PAX Mobile to turbocharge your experience with customizable temperature settings, color themes, security options, and more.

When paired, your device will receive periodic firmware updates to ensure that you have the most current experience available.

Read on to learn about the latest updates to our app.

A more intuitive design brings your device status and customization options to the forefront. Pair your PAX 3 or PAX Era to see the current battery life and security lock status at the top of the Home Screen. 

Toggle between Light and Dark color themes, fahrenheit and celsius temperature readings, and a Live Temperature display (PAX 3 only) in the app's Control Center and Settings menu.



The Control Center preview now reflects the current heating state of your PAX 3.

For PAX 3, and only with the app, set your custom temperature as low as 340°F (175°C) to highlight the subtlties of your material. A quick swipe will adjust the temperature by 5°, and longer swipes by 10° increments. The slider will now snap to a single degree with a gentle drag. 

PAX 3 Dynamic Modes are now readily displayed at the top of your Control Center, and include a brief description of how they change your experience when selected.

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Video tutorials will guide those who are new to PAX 3 through setting up and maintaining their device, or help seasoned owners master the in's and out's of our games PAXsays, PAXrun, and PAXspin.

Order replacement accessories or search for local authorized retailers from our revamped Option menu, or visit the Help & Support section to check the status of an order, register a new device, or contact our PAX Pros for warranty services. 

We've made many changes behind the scenes to improve stability and performance, laying the groundwork for exciting updates in the future. As always, no personally identifiable information is ever transmitted when downloading or using PAX Mobile.  


Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, or through our PAX Mobile app, available for iOS (9.0 or later) and Android (5.0 or later) and is compatible with both PAX 3 and PAX Era devices.

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