Ploom Initiates Legal Action vs.

January 02, 2014

Ploom customer service has received many inquiries about the authenticity of iPloom has chosen a name nearly identical to Ploom that is currently the subject of a trademark infringement lawsuit. iPloom is known to have sold counterfeits, so customers might not be getting a genuine Pax by Ploom product.

More information has been released publicly, and is available for download in the form of a press releases on our support page. Simply enter your email in the "Press Kit" box and the documents will be made available for download.

Additionally, you can read the press release detailing our action directly on the wire here.

Ploom is dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive the modern technologies, beautiful design and world-class support that encompass the brand. Please visit our homepage and use the Ploom Authorized Retailer tab to locate the nearest retailer to you. Thank you to all of our dedicated customers from Ploom and have a great 2014!

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