Unlock the #PAXlife: Refer Friends and Get Rewarded

March 02, 2016

Now live: Get rewarded for sharing the news about PAX.

Participating is easy. Log into your PAXvapor account and register your PAX or PAX 2 to get started. If you’ve already done this in the past then there’s no need to do it again.

You’ll be given a referral link, available in your account under the “Referral” section. Share this link with friends across email, SMS text or through any of your social media accounts. Then sit back and reap the rewards.

Once your friend purchases a PAX 2 through your link, you will automatically receive an email confirming that your credit is on the way. There are 4 rewards to unlock, each more amazing than the last. Keep in mind that each referral credit takes 15 days to activate – meaning that you won’t be able to redeem your Level 1 & Level 2 rewards until 15 days after your friend makes their purchase. Level 3 & Level 4 rewards are subject to a longer approval time.

Your referred friend will also receive a complimentary Accessory Bundle with their PAX 2 purchase so everyone feels the love!

Check out all of the details and awesome rewards here and start getting rewarded for sharing the #PAXlife today.

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