KnowTechie on PAX: "So hot."

January 14, 2015

Kevin Raposo of KnowTechie put PAX through its paces and had nothing but praise for our premium looseleaf vaporizer:

"When it comes to vaporizer design, there’s no one else out there doing it better than the Pax. Seriously, this thing is sleek and sexy.... The Pax offers an ambiguous look; you don’t know if you’re looking at an old iPod shuffle, or some other emerging gadget that has yet to catch on with the rest of the public.

Another benefit from its design is that it’s really small and sleek. You could fit this thing right in your pocket with room to spare. I bet even the kids wearing skinny jeans will have no problem with this. If you compare it to the other vaporizers on the market, you’ll notice that the Pax has them all beat when it comes to size and design."

Full article here.

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