What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The Resurgence Of Minimalist Design

July 30, 2014

We live in a culture filled with distractions. And while you might think the loudest companies with the flashiest products should get the most attention, businesses that choose restraint and simplicity often have the products we want the most.

In his article featured on Killer Startups, Ploom co-founder and CEO James Monsees discusses how you can use minimalist concepts to increase the beauty and efficiency of products.

"There are several design strategies entrepreneurs can learn from the founders of minimalism:

Design products that are inviting and engaging. Whittle features down to the essentials so users aren’t overwhelmed or distracted by extra bells and whistles.

Create a sense of wonder. By clearly defining your product’s purpose and crafting a design that accomplishes it easily, users can admire the beauty of your creation without distractions.

Strive for honesty in design. The easiest way to communicate what a product does is through the product itself. In a big-box retail store, you see laptops covered with stickers touting all the features inside. But the customer doesn’t necessarily care about every feature; he cares that the machine will let him surf the web or edit a video to send to his daughter. Make it clear what your product actually does, not what it has."

Read the full article here.

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