"The world’s finest portable vaporizer just got better."

March 24, 2015

As Cool Material has pointed out, there's only one thing better than the original PAX - the PAX 2. We spent countless hours reimagining and redesigning the original PAX to make it better, and now we're seeing how it's all paying off:

When the Pax vaporizer was first released, it set the vaporizer world on its head. (We were fans.) ... Now we have Pax 2. The upgraded model is even more compact, heats in as little as 45 seconds, and it even adjust temps as you use it.

Complete with four temperature settings instead of three, Pax 2 boasts a 30% longer battery life and is rechargeable via USB for easier charging on the go. It’s also smarter about conserving power and unnecessarily heating your packed oven. A redesigned ‘Party Mode’ makes social vaping even more enjoyable.

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